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Yes, you probably noticed that when you tried to read my latest blog you were unable to read it by using the link “read more on this post“. It’s my fault. The captain and I are currently making some changes which includes working together and reaching out as a team. One of those changes include changing our name on WordPress. Others include changing our name on Twitter, developing a website and reviewing our training programme for couples. On WordPress, the captain and I will try and take turns in writing, we will also have some guest bloggers join us. We will also be dedicating one blog post over the next few weeks to telling you all about us and those changes.
Apologies for not telling you beforehand and making the change of blog name after I published such an interesting post.

So how can you access old blog posts?
In the emails you have received in the past, the link “read more on this post” will no longer be active; however, the short link at the bottom of the email will take you to the post e.g for the last post (this is also at the bottom of the email you received). Do use this link to gain access to and enjoy the latest blog posted on 31st July 2013…it’s about Royal Baby George, his parents’ relationship and all of ours…

And Bonds?
From now on, you will no longer receive emails from All blogs will now come from and the name of the blog will be called Bonds. We will continue to write about relationships from our perspective and in relation to other things we enjoy and love. We hope you will join us by reading, as well as commenting about different interesting topics.


From the captain and I

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