Mr and Mrs Bonds – What We Do

We can’t talk about what we do without talking about our passion, our aim and our ultimate goal. This is to see every relationship suitably equipped with techniques to weather the storms of marriage or long term committed relationships.
You want to be with someone but coming from different homes and backgrounds makes it almost impossible without some guidance and support. This is where we come in with a 3 hr workshop where we cover the essentials of loving your partner on a daily basis.

We give the tools and resources to empower your relationship not just to move from year to year but to grow. What about conflict you say? That’s inevitable so we also give a clear guide on resolving conflict starting with your different personality types and natural responses to conflict. You will leave our workshops with the clear understanding that as experts in your relationship you know the next steps for navigating to a loving relationship.

What we do

Experience Matters

Experience Matters

Following a decade of supporting couples and researching into what couples need to succeed in marriage, Mr and Mrs Bonds was created. Using their soon to be released book 13 Prerequisites for a Divorce-Proof Foundation: Planning to Succeed, Mr and Mrs Bonds take couples into the world of marriage relationship topics.