Our Experience

For over 10 years Imole & EK have opened their hearts and homes to couples looking to prepare for their upcoming marriage. Taking 2 pre-wedding courses themselves, Imole and EK decided early on that they would like to give other couples the opportunity to prepare for their lives together.

They have worked with Nicky and Sila Lee who lead on the globally acclaimed Marriage Preparation Course – hosting and supporting over 100 couples over the years. They are also facilitators on the Marriage Care course which runs every month, where they teach a class of 15 couples – sharing with them effective tools for maintaining their marriage relationship – particularly in those first and often most challenging months. They have also taken couples to destinations outside London to learn in a relaxed atmosphere closer to nature.

Mr and Mrs Bonds
Mr and Mrs Bonds

Imole & Ek are currently publishing their first book 13 Prerequisites for a Divorce-Proof Foundation: Planning to Succeed – written 6 years ago. The idea for the book started from a desire to write a manual for relationship workshops. They had so much to write – it became a book.

Imole & EK look forward to engaging with each and every couple taking time out of wedding planning to explore their relationship and ensure a long lasting, happy marriage.