I do apologise for being offline for the past few weeks. The captain and I have had to spend some time reviewing the way we serve people and the services we offer. There’ll be more on this in a future blog, so please keep an eye out!


In the meantime, enjoy this blog where I discuss 5 Reasons not to Force your Partner to meet your Expectations. This is my conclusion to the Expectation series, so if you are just joining us do check out the other 2 blogs in the series. I have discussed chucking and colaborating with your partner on expectations, now enjoy the last bit about forcing them…


Reason 1:  It suggests that you and your desires (expectations) are the most important thing in the relationship: A relationship consists of a lot of elements, all of which need to work together to achieve growth. It is foolhardy to pick one element out (especially one which caters for you) and focus on it without regard for other things in the relationship, especially your partner’s feelings.


Reason 2: They might resent you: If your partner has to be forced to meet your expectations over and over again and they fail to see a consideration for their own feelings and any expectations they might have, they may start to build some resentment


Reason 3: It looks ugly: Bulldozing everything and everybody out of the way in order to have your own way is not appealing to your partner and more often than not it looks quite ugly. It does not show grace and thoughtfulness towards your partner


Reason 4: You may regret it: The results that come from forcing your partner to meet your expectations irrespective of every other thing are not always pretty. You may not like what happens after you have forced them to meet your expectation and this may cause regret on your part.


Reason 5: Causes an unbalanced relationship: If a relationship is continually forced to focus on one thing, one part, one element or one person’s needs or expectations, it results in an unbalanced relationship. This relationship tends to fail in the area of balance and holism, which often results in other issues in the relationship.


Are there any circumstances you feel you may have had to force your partner to meet your expectations…do share.