Getting married? Make it last with our relationship workshops

Would you drive a car without taking lessons and familiarising yourself with the highway code? Would you go into a business partnership without agreeing the terms or travel to an unknown destination without a map or SATNAV? Then why get married without attending one of our practical relationship classes?

So take 3 hours out of your wedding planning to get ready for marriage.

Let us share our 10 years of relationship experience, working with the very best in the industry, so you can share forever together.

Why us?


Over 10 years helping 100s of couples prepare for marriage.


Relationship workshops in the city or in your home.


Meet other city professionals preparing for marriage.

Testimonials – 10 years on

Hi EK and Imole
I just wanted to thank you again for meeting with us Saturday. We really enjoyed speaking with you. We will most definitely keep in touch.
Hope you both have a lovely week
God bless
Niki & Seyi

Niki and Seyi

Ek, Imole

Thank you hosting us on Saturday and providing great food, company and conversation.

Toni and Lawrence

Cheryl and I have been thinking of you both (glad to say that we’re still together haha) and were just reflecting on how it’s been almost a year since we met you guys for such a great counselling time at your lovely home.

Incidentally, I found out a few months after we had met you guys that you had actually been the counselling couple for my sister and brother in law! They’re called Ann and Lawrence – I believe you attended their wedding too!

Cheryl and Wilson

Imole and Ek,

I wanted to say thank you for hosting Samalie and myself last night.

We both really appreciate your time, advice and warmth. We will keep in touch and take you up on your invitation to dinner.

Have a great weekend

Samalie and Aniekan

Samalie and Aniekan